Luxury Society Keynote: Today in Shanghai


Tamar Koifman | November 25, 2016

The Luxury Society Keynote took place today in Shanghai at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel. Some of the best insights from the day were captured on Twitter and are curated here. Read the top 10 insights.

Today in Shanghai we joined together speakers from brands such as Vanessa Qian, VP Marketing & E-Commerce at Sephora, Thibault Villet, CEO of, Wan Zhang, General Manager of Baidu, John Hamilton, Director, Marketing Communications APAC of Four Seasons Hotels & Resort, and attendees from Alexandre de Paris, Baume & Mercier, Bottega Venetta, Chanel, De Beers, Montblanc, Sephora, Tag Heuer and more to attend our second annual Luxury Society Keynote.


Our 10 favorite "live" insights: 


“Chinese millennials represent the biggest demographic in the world and redefine the rules of content creation.” #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) November 25, 2016


Baidu research founds that people under 20 are more interested in prestige brands than in aspirational or accessible brands. #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


Quick look into Baidu’s segmentation of the luxury watch industry. #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


“The luxury watch industry is still growing in China” #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


According to Baidu, @Cartier remains the top searched brand in China for people under 20. #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


T. Villet: “Luxury brands are usually foreign based & centralised, and there is a gap between them and their customers.” #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


Moving on to VR, Pablo Mauron explains that 300K VR headsets are sold every month on Taobao, with over 2.7M heavy VR users. #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


DL_Group’s Pablo Mauron: “40% of WeChat Users read news from social media vs 28% combined for TV and newspapers.” #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


Live streaming data: 83% of live streaming users are below 30 years & 50% of internet users have watched live streams. #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016


“Key Recommendation for WeChat: identify a clear purpose for each one of your post (inspire, engage, drive traffic)” #luxdigital — Luxury Society (@LuxurySociety) 25 novembre 2016
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