[Video] Reaching Luxury Consumers With Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Lydianne Yap | December 08, 2017

With artificial intelligence becoming an increasingly integral part of peoples’ lives, brands can and should leverage this to better reach consumers, shares Baidu’s Charly Cai at the third Luxury Society Keynote 2017

While there have been countless Hollywood movies demonstrating the pitfalls of artificial intelligence (2015’s summer blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron comes to mind), the usefulness of such technology is undeniable.

Enter Baidu, China’s number one media platform and search engine. One of the nation’s biggest tech giants, the company has long gone beyond its traditional role and branched out into developing sophisticated digital solutions to everything from finding lost children and recovering kidnapping victims to providing consumers with a more seamless shopping experience.

At the recently concluded Luxury Society Keynote 2017 in Shanghai, Baidu’s Senior Key Account Director Charly Cai touched on these issues, as well as the untapped potential of artificial intelligence for luxury brands looking to better target the current generation of digital natives.

Watch the video below for Cai’s presentation.

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[LSK 2017] Reaching Luxury Consumers With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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