[Video] LS Keynote 2019: Luxury Brands’ Engagement with Marketplaces


Annick-Ange Logmo | September 24, 2019

Jacques Roizen discusses the implications and challenges of online marketplaces in China, as well as the opportunities that exist for luxury brands beyond WeChat and their brand-owned websites.

When it comes to e-commerce opportunities in China, luxury brands fall behind in terms of penetration on the market. In fact, their hesitation to occupy digital spaces beyond their WeChat accounts or own websites hinder their online growth. 

With the hyper digitalization of luxury consumers and the market shares taken by e-commerce marketplaces such as Tmall or JD, it is paramount for luxury brands to learn how to navigate these environments.

In his presentation, Baozun’s Head of Digital Transformation and New Ventures Jacques Roizen gives insights into how brands can seamlessly integrate e-commerce platforms into their ecosystems. He highlights the key elements to integrate branding and content management with the platforms, as well as how to manage customer relationships and define social CRM strategies.

Watch the video for his full presentation. A PDF version of what he shared is also available for download at the link below.

[LS Keynote 2019] Luxury Brands’ Engagement with Marketplaces

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